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    Automatic Flat Labeling Machine

    Weight: about 165kg
    Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
    conveying speed: about 30m/min
    Labeling speed: 15~25pcs/min
    Labeling accuracy: ±1 mm
    Applicable label size: lengh 10~150mm; width 10~150mm
    Applicable product size: lengh 30~270mm width 30~300mm
    Maximum label requirement:roll label, outside roll 280mm,inner dia 76mm
    • GST-113


    Product Description

    Standard equipment configuration

    a. 1 set automatic flat labeling machine

    List of main components

    1GSL-spider-100 automatic flat labeling machine1set
    2Adjustable rolling label device2set
    3conveying mechanism1set
    4Touch screen)1set
    5Aluminium alloy electric box1set
    6specification and common tools1set

    Self-adhesive label parameters

    Roll label in the labeling machine work the entire process, including label delivery, positioning, out of the label, paste and backing paper re-roll, to successfully complete the labeling process, the overall label has the following requirements:

    Label spacing: 3-4mm ± 0.2mm, the upper and lower edge of the label and the bottom of the backing paper spacing: 2mm

    Surface material: basic grammage 78 g/m2 plus or minus 10%,Thickness: 0.064mm plus or minus 10%

    Backing paper: Basic weight 61g/m2 plus or minus 10% Thickness: 0.055mm plus or minus 10% 

    Consistent release force, uniform thickness, a certain tensile strength, translucent Grassian base paper is generally between 60-80 g, fiber density tightness flatness to be good, not easy to break when labeling, the overall translucency to be consistent, the sensor correctly identify the location of the label. 

    Tensile force: machine direction: 16kg/25mm    Horizontal direction: 7kg/25mm

    Tear resistance: machine direction: 25g / sheet    Crosswise: 31g/sheet

    Before labeling to eliminate the static electricity in the roll label, so that the label is firm out of the label, from the backing paper, because static electricity will cause labeling when not out of the label or the labeling inaccuracy phenomenon, die-cutting to avoid cutting through the backing paper and not out of the label and torn backing paper phenomenon.

    Product Features

    Machine detail


    Product Range Flexibility of Our Labeling Machines



    Aftersales Service

    1.    One-year machine warranty, lifetime maintenance service.

    2.    Experienced engineers provide fast and professional 24 hours online guidance.

    3.    Provide complete teaching videos and instruction manual, easy to operate and maintain. The video of the operation is stored on a USB shipped with the machine

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