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    Automatic 1+1 Flat Mask Machine

    Specializes in Disposable 3-ply Surgical/Medical Masks.
    Technical parameters
    Machine speed: 150-170pcs/min
    Machine size: L6400*W2400*H1800mm
    Applicable power supply: AC220V, 60Hz, single phase
    Pass rate: more than 99%
    Mask size: 175*95mm
    • GSKZJ-101


    Product Description

    Our company high-speed one-driven-one flat mask production line is an efficient forming, blanking, nose wrapping line, and welding tape equipment; suitable for multi-layer PP non-woven fabrics, activated carbon and filter materials, ultrasonic welding, and automatic Edge sealing, complete the entire production process of flat masks from raw material rolls to mask forming, and realize fully automated mask production from materials to finished products.

    Equipment technical parameters

    Equipment configuration (standard and optional)

    No.Equipment nameQtyUnit
    13ply mask machine (including 3 correction device; standard)1Set
    2Tension controllor (optional)3PC
    3Mask body protective covers (optional)1PC

    Non-woven fabric parameters:

    a. The upper layer is 25gsm and the width is 175mm (non-woven fabric)

    b. The middle layer is 25gsm and the width is 175mm (melt-blown non-woven fabric)

    c. The lower layer is 20gsm and the width is 195mm (non-woven fabric)

    d. Nose bridge, roll material, width about 3mm, thickness about 0.6 ~ 0.8mm

    e. Outer ear-loop, ear is not covered, the size is 175 * 95mm. 

    Product features

    1. Machine Layout

    Automatic 1+1 earloop mask machine three-view drawing

    2. The applications: Mask binding machine

    2. The applications: 3ply Masks

    Remark: Above drawing is the standard 3ply mask design. And we can also customize the mask design for you.

    3. Strap Masks Production Flow

    3 ply Masks Production Flow

    4. Machine detail


    5. Optional additions


    Aftersales Services

    1.    One-year machine warranty, lifetime maintenance service.

    2.    Experienced engineers provide fast and professional 24 hours online guidance.

    3.    Provide complete teaching videos and instruction manual, easy to operate and maintain. The video of the operation is stored on a USB shipped with the machine

    Aftersales services1

    Aftersales services2      Aftersales services3

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